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Perpetuating and connecting the human legacy in the metaverse

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Based in Silicon Valley, Legathum is a neuroscience, artificial intelligence, and cryptography-based blockchain technology company created upon the concepts of decentralization and token-based economics, with intellectual property owned and legally protected.

Through Legathum Metaverse Individuals are empowered to reproduce their consciousness,with an initial focus on stories, experiences, awareness, knowledge, feelings, and personal perceptions about life, in order to share it with the world and future generations, eternalizing their legacy.

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For Individuals

Record memories, consciousness and mindsets in the metaverse using artificial intelligence and neuroscience share knowledge with the world and eternalized your legacy.

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For Companies

Build personalized workspaces, create avatars, host events, build communities, buy, sell and trade products or services in the metaverse and solidify your company's brand creating a strong client acquisition channel.


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Allan Turing

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Albert Einstein

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Charles Darwin

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Galileu Galilei

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Henry Ford

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Isaac Newton

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Leonardo da Vinci

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Madre Tereza C

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Mahatma Gandhi

NFT personality image

Margaret That

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Martin Luther K

NFT personality image

Nelson Mandela

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Nikola Tesla

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Pablo Picasso

NFT personality image

Santos Dumont

NFT personality image

Stephen Hawking

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Steve Jobs

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Walt Disney


Meta Token

$META is the native token of LEGATHUM. The token empowers users to participate in the platform's governance as well as give access to the entire ecosystem, workspaces, experiences, events and personalities presented in Legathum’s metaverse.

All products and services created, sold or acquired by the community will be transacted using our utility $META token.

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We are a multidisciplinary team that includes game developers, animators, 3D artists, programmers, data scientists specialized in artificial intelligence and blockchain, filmmakers, screenwriters, journalists and economists.

In our research and development center, we gather Neuroscientists, Engineers, Psychologists and Neuropsychologists. All under the command of Deibson Silva, Legathum’s creator and Ceo.

Deibson Silva

Founder & CEO

Alice Hua

Data Scientist

Tim Chen

Data Scientist

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